Get Safe Password


Many people use Internet. All they have to authenticate to various systems and services: email, forums, social networks, etc. In order to authenticate a password is required.

Many people want to use simple passwords: 123, qwerty, birthday. or other familiar figures-phrase. However, many advocates believe that the use of such information, the data is very wrong.

The practice shows that users themselves do not want to give up easy to remember passwords. As a result, in many systems, the registration will not work to set password «simple» password.

Most people can not remember the type of generated passwords: in7CdYxr or l856pgARi. Most people can not and will not have to remember a sequence of pseudo-random characters. But now it required! For now is our service.

It's for people who do not want to remember the strange symbols and created - Get Safe Password! Try it! It`s easy!

How does it work?

The user enters two parameters on which our service generates a sequence of characters that can be used as a password.

The first option is a «simple password» may be any memorable password for any service (for example, may contain the name of the service), the second is the «key» - a sequence that is common to a particular user. The second parameter set for different users have the same simple passwords were given different results.


The current algorithm is implemented using JavaScript, so all calculations safe password are carried out on the client side. No data transmission over the network! We do not collect information about your passwords!

Enjoy your use!

If you have long been using our password generator, including those that have been before, you can find them on this page /oldgsp.html.

We recommend that you change passwords by new generator Get Safe Password.